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Sunday by Sunday


Hi! Welcome and thanks for visiting.  Iím Cristy Fossum, author and speaker. If you are new to Sunday by Sunday, I invite you to get acquainted with Rose Harris, fictional protagonist of my 3-book series. The Forewords will orient you to the books and to Rose and her people. You can also see responses to Sunday by Sunday from critics and fans. Please check out my speaking schedule as well, and read about the events I lead and consider inviting me to speak to your group. In addition to Sunday by Sunday, Iíll keep you posted here and on my blog about projects in progress. Iíd love to hear from you, too!

Praise for Sunday by Sunday III


Fossumís writing is sharp, sassy, sensitive and prophetic, and it proves that God really is in the details and really does move in mysterious ways Ė and has a great sense of humor. Her stories bring us to our knees and back up again with new energy to let our own little light shine. 


~ Ina Hughs, Knoxville News Sentinel

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